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Who Buys Mobile Homes? Useful Tips for Those Who Do

Many Americans put in long hours and scrimp to save money for a down payment on a home. But buying a home isn’t as easy as it used to be. House prices have increased at a staggering pace. Mortgage rates have also skyrocketed. The burgeoning demand and low supply mean this situation will continue this year.

There’s still hope for those who are ready to be homeowners this year though. The mobile home industry remains robust and able to deliver affordable housing.

Who buys mobile homes? They are hard-working people who want to bring their American Dream to fruition. These are single individuals or couples with children. They are professionals and retirees.

There are many reasons to consider manufactured homes. For one, they’re as good as on-site builds. These structures are all built in a factory but the materials used are durable. Each piece conforms to high standards. It’s also flexible. You can start with a small two-bedroom unit and add to it as time goes by. But the most important reason is the price. Mobile homes cost an average of $125,200 in 2022. That’s half the cost of a traditional house.

The question now is not whether you should start looking for mobile homes for sale. It’s how to buy one. We want to make the process easier for you. So here are some useful tips for people who want to buy mobile homes.

Work on Your Finances

Mobile homes are more affordable than a two-story home or a condo unit. But it still costs a fair amount. You should complete your budget considerations first. You must also determine what financing options you’ll use. This is a bit challenging as banks think of mobile homes as personal property. It means you might not get any conventional financing. But you could opt for a personal loan.

It’s best if you square away the financial situation soon. This is because your budget will determine the size of your mobile home. It will also impact where you’ll place your home and the features it will have.

Determine What You Want in a Home

It’s best practice to know your budget and target price. This will help you remain steadfast in the face of high-pressure sales tactics. It also helps you narrow down what you want in a manufactured house.

Do your due diligence and check out as many mobile home manufacturers as you can. It will help you determine the best floor plan for your needs. Make sure you’ve decided on the non-negotiable features that you want. For example, you want at least three bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. You should also research the best upgrades possible for your mobile home. Some of the features you should consider are real wood floors and shingled roofs.

Pick the Best Spot

Many people assume mobile homeowners are all limited to certain parks. But you don’t have to live in a mobile home park if you don’t want to. You can lease a property and have the house installed there. You can also buy land and have your mobile home transported there.

You should factor in the fees you might pay in your budget. It costs less to rent or lease a lot. Renting space in a mobile home park could set you back $300 a month. This often includes garbage pickup and utilities like water.

Take Your Time

They say you shouldn’t make decisions when you are angry or hungry. You also should not do anything under pressure. Be wary of dealers who say they can approve the sale and have a contract ready for you in a few hours. Do not give in to high-pressure sales tactics. You should also be wary of freebies and special prices. These are hollow enticements.

A good mobile home dealer won’t hound you. They will still be ready for you next week or next month. Take all the time you need to think. You don’t to have buyer’s remorse later.

Discover the Right Home for You

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