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Technology and Technique Behind Affordable and Top-Quality Mobile Homes

Millions of people chose manufactured homes because of the price. The Manufactured Housing Institute concurs. The MHI says 71% of mobile homeowners cited affordability. They said it’s the driving force behind their buying decision.

There are still a lot of misconceptions surrounding manufactured homes. Many people still think these houses are not as good as a site-built home. There is the mistaken assumption that low cost means low quality.

The sales arm of many mobile home companies often fails to correct this assumption. They neglect to explain how the assembly line of modern manufactured homes works. They don’t show how its efficiency enhances the quality of the structure and lowers the cost.

Studies show a new manufactured home is equal or even superior to a structure built onsite. This is in respect of the quality of the construction and other variables. Plus, a mobile home costs half of a conventional site-built home.

Consumers today are more discerning and demanding. That’s why they want a justified explanation of how a manufactured home is affordable.

Several factors justify the savings made from the mobile home assembly line. A good assembly line creates value. This value has helped millions of Americans become homeowners. This is despite being in the midst of the housing crisis. Here are the factors behind the affordability and quality of mobile homes.

Fast Completion Equals Measurable Savings

The adage time is money fits today’s lifestyle. The less time it takes to build or get something, the more money you save. The efficiency of the mobile home’s manufacturing process makes customization possible. The customized design is always finalized during pre-planning. This prevents delay during the assembly. The fast completion of the personalized home saves the buyer a lot of money.

Controlled Environment Reduces Problems 

Manufactured homes are only made in factories. The assembly lines operate in a controlled environment. This prevents many problems that plague traditional brick-and-mortar construction. For example, the prospective homeowner won’t have to worry about the weather. Mother Nature won’t delay the construction. There are also zero instances of theft, vandalism, or damaged building products. All the workers in the assembly line are well-trained and efficient.

Scaling Provides Benefits

Assembly line operations enjoy scale economics. Factories often buy massive quantities of materials. They have a ready stock of appliances and products. Buying in bulk is cheaper. Manufacturers are also safe from inflation. The money they save is then passed to the buyer or consumer.

Building Technology has Evolved

Technology has helped the construction industry evolve. Homeowners now have more choices when it comes to the types of housing. They also have more options when it comes to the quality. This goes double for manufactured homes. Ever-changing technology has allowed mobile home builders to offer more architectural styles. They now have exterior finishes that were not available before. This wealth of options gives homeowners the chance to have their dream home. Even if it’s a pre-fabricated one.

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